Anti-piercing safety shoes, puncture-proof safety shoes, steel head steel safety shoes

Issuing time:2020-08-17 11:41

Anti-piercing safety shoes, puncture-proof safety shoes, steel head steel safety shoes, in fact, are the same kind of safety shoes, but the name is not the same, literally, it is to prevent the sole from being sharply stabbed. Wear to avoid hurting the soles of the feet. As the name implies, anti-piercing safety shoes are generally used in harsh environments. The ground has various iron filings, nails, sharp objects and other environments that easily pierce the soles.

      However, during the sales process, the salesman of Baohan safety shoes often encountered customers asking questions: “Is your anti-piercing safety shoe sole a whole piece of steel? Is it not that piece?” Let our salesman be very wrong, since it is anti-piercing safety shoes, the sole is of course a whole piece of steel plate, the size varies with the size of the shoe size, but should cover the entire sole, so as to effectively protect the sole from being pierced. . So why are customers asking questions like this? Undoubtedly, since the customer asks this question, it is definitely the case that the customer encounters that the sole is not a single piece of steel during use. This has to make our leaders of Baohan Shoes industry think deeply. As a member of the Chinese labor insurance industry, Baohan Shoes has always been committed to providing effective safety protection. It is proud that Baohan Safety Shoes can bring safety to customers while protecting the safety of wearers. Therefore, Baohan Shoes will never save costs by taking the safety of workers' lives. Baohan safety shoes are absolutely reliable and guaranteed.

      So why is there a situation where the anti-piercing safety sole is only part of the steel? According to our understanding, this sometimes does not completely account for the responsibility of some labor insurance shoe manufacturers. Many times, our companies that use anti-piercing safety shoes are also responsible. In recent years, some manufacturers have tried their best to drive down the cost of procurement in order to save costs. Often when they are purchasing, they find a number of labor insurance shoe manufacturers or distributors to compare with each other. Focus on price without paying attention to quality and mutual price. This caused those labor insurance shoe companies to compete for each other in order to compete against each other. The end result is that the manufacturer has determined the order at the lowest price. And the manufacturers of labor insurance shoes that get orders are not good. The order is received, but the profit of the order is little or almost no, and even worse, with the later maintenance, the loss is possible. Therefore, in order to survive, some labor insurance shoe manufacturers are willing to take risks and work hard on raw materials to save costs. As a result, there is a case where the anti-piercing safety shoe sole has only a part of the steel sheet. As a manufacturer of labor insurance shoes, Baohan Shoes can't help but worry about those companies that use these unqualified products. What should happen if there is a safety accident?

      Therefore, when buying anti-piercing safety shoes, it is not that the cheaper the better, anything is a penny. Companies that only pay attention to price and   not focus on quality may end up hurting themselves. As long as it involves personal safety, you must be cautious. After all, safety first, human life first, harmony first.


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